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Restart option

antonearnantonearn Earth
edited December 2016 in Feature Requests
This has been on table before and discussed between me and @shaun

Sometimes, SER slows down and the log freeze for up to 5 minutes at times. (Only using 5 emails)
I find this happens most often during verification process.

What option can we have to prevent this? Restart project if CPU <x-amount? CPU is at 0% atm and Threads at 30. Nothing has happened in SER for 5 minutes. Im tired of restart SER manually.

Or even better, what improvements can be made to verify links faster in SER? @Sven

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  • SvenSven
    I think this will happen when SER is starting the verification. This requires that SER is NOT submitting, but just verifying. So I guess it waits till all threads are 0 before the verification starts.
    Technically it is a bit difficult to change this behavior.
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    Setup a task scheduler job. First, run the command 'taskkill /im /f Search_Engine_Ranker.exe'

    Then call up a bat file to ping google 3 times. (Since basic bat files wont let you "sleep" and you want to give SER time to be successfully force closed.)

    Then, finally, save the following in a .bat file, and start it in the same task scheduler job..

    start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\GSA Search Engine Ranker\Search_Engine_Ranker.exe" -deldupes -scheduler -noupdatecheck
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