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Why would I be getting constant username already taken errors on brand new campaigns?

For several weeks now I have been getting constant "invalid username" "there is no user by that name" "that user doesn't exist" errors on my campaigns to the point where my LPM has been 10-15 instead of the usual 180+ i am used to.  I have tried various different setups including public proxies, stormproxies, private proxies as well as different emails from asiavirtual and seospartans, yet the problem still persists.  I cannot for the life of me figure out why this is happening.  Even with brand new campaigns, brand new emails & brand new proxies it is still giving me these errors.  I've made sure to delete all existing accounts and clear parsed but it makes no difference.  I also tried uninstalling GSA completely and deleting all data, started my campaigns from scratch and it's still doing this.  Can someone help me out and let me know why this is happening and what I can do to fix it? 





  • SvenSven
    I guess the email verification does not work? did you test that?
    In case of a registration, SER needs to check emails and verify them of course. If no email comes in or there is no email incoming for that site for a longer time, it will remove that site and no longer try to verify.

    However, SER even tries to login without the email verification in case it was done manually or no email verification would be needed. In that case you might see a lot of those mentioned messages.
  • Yes, i tested the emails and they show green and that they are working.  Is there maybe something that could be interfering and preventing GSA from verifying emails on my VPS?  I turned off my firewall and also made internet explorer settings very lenient but it didn't make a difference & I am still getting tons of these errors.

    Is it possible that maybe once GSA creates the account it tries to login to it before it does the email verification and that's what's causing this? 
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    Any chance you have any weird spinning / pulling going on for your usernames besides the normal "Auto generate a username" ser does?

    I had this issue once when building/spinning usernames from files - turned out I had some non-standard characters in one of the files. (Think spanish/french/russian text with tildes, etc.)
  • Hmm, i had thought that at first but I did make sure that I had randomize checked for both login and password.  I auto imported the campaign data from kontent machine and also made sure to untick the login and password boxes so it didn't import for those fields.  I also unticked the randomize boxes and put in my own list of english names with spun numbers but it didn't make a difference.  It's really annoying because I've tried pretty much every test I could think of to figure it out but it's still there.
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