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Idea for PR emulator

Hi guys, I have built a bot that can create Moz api's on auto-pilot with disposable emails.
I was wondering if it is a good idea to input your own API keys inside PR emulator (sort of what scrapebox already does in the page authority add-on)
To get Moz metrics.

So this message basically goes out to @sven

also if anyone interested in Moz API's PM me I can get you a fair deal for it, only thing that costs me is 2 recpatcha2 credits on 2captcha and a bunch of proxies (currently tested can create 3 api's with 1 proxy and 3 different disposable emails) so if I let it run all night on couple threads...
I can get myself a nice bulk to sell..

Finally can give something back to the community... Cheap MOZ api's lol..

P.S. the Moz API's can do 25.000 call's per month for free with a 10 second break in between.. 
So if you load up like 50 of them... you basically can do 1.25Million calls


  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    I think @Sven already mentioned that Moz was threatening with legal action if PR Emulator used Moz API due to automation.
  • SvenSven
    Yes thats right. I don't want to risk that now. Even though I think using proxies is nothing they can forbid me to do, I am not interested to find an answer on court.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Holy shit... Nevermind than...

    oke so another "off-topic" thing.. I posted a poll the other day on BHW.
    found a team who would build it together with me but I haven't heard from them since the post xD

    So @sven check out this 

    Maybe a great new addition to your GSA collection?

  • SvenSven
    @Donn sounds like a lot of work. It's not a problem coding this but maintaining. Usually there is no API to register/buy domains and configure it I think. Thats something I would have to code by surfuing a website and simulate a user input. One tiny change would break the workflow and might cause a lot of trouble.
  • @Sven - not suggesting you do it, but I believe Namecheap has an API. I use another tool where you can register domains through Namecheap. The guy who owns the tool is lazy as hell so my guess is that it's pretty stable / low maintenance to keep up to date :)
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    @redrays Mind sharing that tool ? 
  • DoonDoon Netherlands

    Oke so I would like to share another great idea with you, maybe a tool for you to develop and sell (easy to make, i think..)

    So here's the idea... 
    It's so simple im already building it for myself in zennoposter (just for myself since you can't compile something to sell, but if you brought this up i would 100% use it)

    So the tool is to boost your TF metric in Majestic.
    Majestic's TF has a little explanation 


    so basically what you can do is export the entire url's from majestic in excel / csv or whatever.
    You will get a list of "url's" where the backlink is in, you will receive even the anchor text used, and the "target url" 

    So basically how you could manipulate your TF ranking is by building a bot / tool 
    That will go to "url" to click on "target url" and maybe let it browse couple 2-3 random sites for x amount of minutes.

    I am connecting in zennoposter Hide My Ass VPN to do this, but im sure you can do it with proxies too.
    + you already have these reports from GSA SER...

    You can easily build a tool, that get's verified url's, find the target url on it, and click on it, maybe browse a bit on the site etc..
    And go to the next url...
    + you can build threads on it etc.. etc.. I think if you put your power to it you could build 100x better tool that i would like to use, easy to maintain.. (if there even is something to maintain about this).. and that i would want to have.. and im sure if more people knew about how TF metrics work they would want it too.

    Basically if you build this... it would bring soo much more balance to TF / CF
    Usually you can see when a site is spammed, since the TF = 0 and the CF is 20+ 

    If you can get this tool up, people would get super duper high metrics on both metrics TF / CF...

    What you think @sven

  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    So actually, I was about to open up a new thread with this question here on the forum..
    but might as well ask you.. 

    So in zennoposter you can input referer url. To make it look like it came from that site.
    Is this the same as a "real click" from that site? 

    for example I can make the script to go to site to click on anchor text to my moneysite.
    But would it count the same is I instantly go to my moneysite and put as referer? 

  • @Doon - it doesn't do anything close to what you're asking about here, but it's serp shaker command center.
  • SvenSven
    @donn basically it is a traffic generation tool you ask for. Browsing webpages with random proxies, user agents and so on. The problem is that you will be detected very fast on this as I can not simulate a browser 100%.
    The headers in the http header should match 100%, javascript has to be simulated exactly and so on. It's not that easy.
    Also Majestic is not using some javascript on the pages to even see that you browse the sites. Google does that by various tecnics like scripts/fonts/favicons on full patches to
    Majestic simply uses robots to spider the web and collect data of URLs and anchors. By the way, it does that way better and more frequently than google. I monitored this once one a new domain and the first bot that came in was Majestic. It was a domain that was nowhere advertised or linked.
  • @Doon you're misunderstanding how trust flow works. Majestic picks a seed set of trusted sites, then measures how many links away your URL / domain is from those trusted sites. The term 'clicks' in that text is meant in the sense of the random surfer model referenced here: The tool that you're proposing wouldn't impact trust flow even if @Sven designed it to perfectly mimic a browser.
  • razzaguhlrazzaguhl Deutschland
    @redrays thanks for clearing this up. I couldn't imaging either how Majestic monitors real user clicks.

    Beside, i also dont see any benefit on boosting the TF. In the end of the day we dont need a "good" metric, but ranking on google.
  • @razzaguhl - yes, this is also a good point :)
  • would this tool also help in maintaining the metrics of the PBN
  • No, the metrics of a PBN are all determined by inbound links.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Oh fuck... 
    I just found actually a tool that does just that!! and the message of Sven got me worried if I should stop it this instance!!

    I checked their site and they say on their site they are using 100% "firefox/chrome/iexplorer or edge" to simulate these actions, but im still worried if I might fuck up, since i use it on a clients site... I did organic searches + backlinks as I reqeusted here and loaded up all majestic links in it. 

    the tool is called "pandabot" Should i stop it right now? will i get caught? 
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    P.S. its basically a tool that you leave open and you visit trough it other sites, and than you collect minutes / seconds.. than others browse your stuff... 

    So no proxies though, but still... Google is not stupid, and I am getting a bit worried now...  :(|)
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Also i do have to add, you don't visit other sites directly, you go to google / bing and type in a keyword, and it will browse upto 10 pages till it finds your site on that keywords, than goes in it and browses random pages on your site on your given time in seconds... it is totally random, and you can set a % of difference like 50%, so that if you input browse between 2-5 pages and 300 seconds with a 50% difference, it sometimes visitis 120 seconds, sometimes 200 seconds etc.. and sometimes 3 pages, sometimes 4 pages etc.. etc.. but still..... Will i get into trouble using it ?
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Im a horrible person for not being able to post all this in 1 simple message.. so im sorry for that, but I wanted to add something that just popped in my head, when i was extracting the tool. "not the executable, but they got another tool if all things fails to manually extract them trough a zip file, not the .exe" and I found out it was created a %appdata% folder with the name ubot, and also in the folder it extracted there were several ubot files in there. So the tool is made with ubot.. but it's connected online with their back-office, the ubot tool just browses, and collects the time and than sends it to their online back-office.. which means you dont have to have the tool opened to get your collected minutes... 

    cool story bro...  =D>
  • SvenSven
    well as you said, google is not stupid...and it is really easy for them to see you are faking it.
    i don't know how deep they analyze the data and if they really detect and fake user agents and so on but if they want to, they can and easily ban you.

    I would be very careful using such tools.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Oke i will shift it away from money site, and just do it on Tier 2's going to Tier 1's (web2.0's) just to be safe...
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