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5 active projects and only 1 running. What's wrong?

enkenk Ukraine
edited December 2016 in Need Help

Hi guys,

I couldn't find info about it so decided to ask here. And sorry for my English:)

After I updated my GSA SER to the latest version, one problem appeared with my projects. I choose "Active" status for 5 projects and click the Start button and all my 5 projects are running. BUT in a few minutes I fing out that only 3 or 2 or them are running; others not. When I click Stop button and Start once again, all of my active projects are running, everything works properly for some time (30 min, an hour) and then the number of running projects decreases again.

One more: I didn’t choose to pause them or etc. Projects should be running till the end of my target list. It’s very strange. I work with GSA SER for more than 2 years and this never happened. What can be wrong?

Thank you all!


  • Didn't you enable a "pause after X submissions or verifications"? 
  • enkenk Ukraine
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    does it show active but just not running?
  • enkenk Ukraine
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    this happens to me what i do if i have say 6 projects running...I just use the scheduler and set it to have 3 projects running at one time....So if this happens it bascailly gets rid of the problem each time the scheduler switches...hope this makes since...
  • enkenk Ukraine
    may be :) Thank you!
  • enkenk Ukraine
    well but this didn't solve the problem...
  • beastmodebeastmode NYC
    edited December 2016
    CLICK on the high-lighted project and make it inactive, the chose active again by status that solves it.

    in my case I use a list so I click  ACTIVE (use global site list only)
  • enkenk Ukraine
    thanks, hope it will help
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