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How long does it take you guys to index contextual links? With or without services?



  • shaunshaun
    How are you finding the results? Are they matching up with what scrapebox said is indexed or are there still loads of false possitives?

    Just woke up but I feel even worse so going to try go back to sleep. I have a test planned with the Google competition finder addon for scrapebox that should work but its hard to focus with this man flu so im going to leave it till tomorrow.
  • Well, I've tried an indexing method, might be bad but it's on one of my test sites so I don't mind.

    Now over 50% are coming back indexed in scrapebox index checker. But from other runs I know less will be indexed cause of the false positives.

    But really it's common sense that what I said will work, because then scrapebox is searching google for:
    If it returns results, it's indexed because that's a strict search. So then last night I manually checked the ones which returned results, and yeah they were indexed.

    Running a bigger test now of 2k urls. Doing the SB index check then will search using that footprint, see what brings back results, manual check and work out the %.

    Get well soon mate, nothing worse than that erghh
  • @Anth20 - I forgot that I used a similar trick to get the competition finder to tell me how many pages some of my sites had indexed. It was using site:[my url]. Might be worth testing out to see which way burns through proxies faster.
  • @shaun - feel for you man, I had a terrible fever last weekend.
  • shaunshaun
    edited December 2016
    Just done a test with the competition finder and so far it looks pretty solid. 

    Basically what I did was run an index check on a batch of URLs then the ones Scapebox said was indexed we exported. Then I used numbers to make a inurl:"" for each indexed URL and loaded them into the competition finder. So far its returning nothing but 1 for an entry and Error 503 (the proxies im using aint for index checking but they are still getting over 90% through).

    I will let it run but for this batch at least it looks pretty solid.

    @redrays cheers mate.
  • Wouldn't the site: operator be a better fit for this?

    I've just made a quick search for a non existing domain:
    Both inurl and info returned some results. Not exact match domains of course as this is a non existing domain.
    Only the site: operator returned the did not match any documents result page.

    Oh, and @shaun for man flu you need menicine not tea.

  • @shaun @redrays Alright cool! :)

    @TheGypsy Maybe so, will have to try it out. I was using what shaun mentioned with the quotation marks also for a stricter search.

    Wouldn't hurt split testing I suppose, whichever works, works better than just a run of SB index checking. Maybe we could just suggest to SB that they use these kinds of footprints upon an index check?
  • @redrays @shaun, ahhh nice idea, just noticed that's in scrapebox (competition finder) nice twist
  • shaunshaun
    edited December 2016
    @thegypsey just checked, I though inurl with quotes would force a return but you are correct with that example it returns a load of crap.

    One of its results is ....

    If you put that in the modifier then it returns only that one. I think its because the might be too short where as the SER urls are long enough to be unique but I Havent checked it 100% yet.

    Also I have admitted defeate and got a few tablets from the chemist to make me better lol.

    @anth20 I honestly think thats one of the most under rated scrapebox plugins.
  • Ahhh I see:

    It didn't have results but somehow thinks it's best to show us results without quotes.

    So site: is the best option?

    @shaun @thegypsy
  • shaunshaun
    TBH mate im not 100% with google search modifiers, I though the site: modifier showed the total pages indexed for the target site.

    For the testing I have done with inurl: it matches up with the results from scrapebox pretty well.
  • Yeah me too, but maybe with a contextual url and not main domain it just brings up that 1 result which is good.

    Thanks for your input everyone, appreciate it @shaun @redrays @thegypsy
  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    How accurate is the SER index check feature?
  • shaunshaun
    @anth20 any update on how your indexing rates are coming mate?
  • @shaun I haven't had much time to do anything lately mate. Just been letting my projects run will do a thorough check when I'm back on properly. How's yours coming along? 
  • shaunshaun
    Acting strangely tbh mate, got a few things on then going to set up a whole bunch of test sites.
  • I just saw some statistics on a website where you can check if your URLS are indexed.
    On average it takes 12.51 days to index (average of their users). 
  • shaunshaun
    Inbox me the website mate.
  • you got it :-) 
  • shaunshaun
    @anth20 how did this pan out in the end mate?
  • Isn't any indexer check dependant on the proxies you're using? Like if I'm running 100 dedicated proxies from the USA then isn't that going to skew the results in that direction?

    So, if for example you've dropped a link on a German website the odds of that being shown as indexed must be slim to none. But check the results in using a German proxy and there's a much better chance it will show up.

    I'll be honest, I gave up testing all this stuff a while ago. You can make yourself blue in the face with it all. The only question worth answering IMO is are my sites moving up the rankings? If the answer to that is yes then your indexing rates are doing just fine. QED.

    Have a great 2017 y'all.

  • redraysredrays Las Vegas

    I don't think this is an issue, at least it wasn't for me when I was using sape heavily and checking to see if sites were indexed. Foreign sites always showed up in US Google or in Scrapebox bulk checks. If it were an issue I think it would've generated at least some discussion here and I can't recall any.

    As for whether it's worth testing, I look at it this way: even if your more hands off strategy is working, a more tightly optimized one would probably lead to faster rankings and / or the ability to enter harder niches. It's just a matter of finding the right things to test and setting things up properly.

    A happy new year to you too! :)
  • shaunshaun
    To my knowledge you are correct, I have just taken some of my URLs and ran them through,, .de. fr and .es.

    Every single one matched up with the URL either being indexed or not indexed.

    And exactly like you said, it's all about the marginal gainst to cut costs, improve efficiency and move your way up the keyword notch to harder and harder terms.
  • @shaun, sorry mate after then I've been allover the shop with coming back to spain etc had a lot of stuff going on. Didn't get time to sit and check things.

    Indexing with serengines seems awesome though I've noticed some index the same day, if not then within like 4-5 days.

    This was with just checking with an online index checker, small amounts like 100 at a time etc.
    After manually checking it corresponded with the online checker :)
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