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How often new emails?

antonearnantonearn Earth
edited December 2016 in Need Help
How often do you buy a new set of emails? I have crazy low vpm right now, but I have tested them all in SER, none gives an error message and neither says its blacklisted. So I am really wondering why this is happening. Didnt experience this with 11.42 version (however I don't think the SER update is guilty, @shaun would comment long time ago then) 

And btw, I am still getting 100 % nofollow, but settings are at only do dofollow + contextual. I don't know if this is a christmas prank or what is?
Submitted tab gets filled all the time, but verifieds very low. 



  • On advise of @Shaun I have ordered SEOSpartains.
    Works like a charm as for now.

  • beastmodebeastmode NYC
    edited December 2016
    Catch all is the best way to go, emails are getting very costly $30 for 1,000 yahoo, and by the time you use a couple hundred they are mostly dead. I use by the same people who run captchatronix and indentification. They work well and are inexpensive, 
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