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Will adding more projects to GSA SER slow it down?

Hi All,
My question is will adding more projects to GSA SER slow down its operations on all of its other projects?


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    Yep, if they are active.
  • If you put them on pause... it won't...
    If you run it.. it will.. though, it depends on the amount of threads.
    When using the same amount of threads, nothing will be changed. 
  • shaunshaun
    It depends on your hardware specs. I had this running on one of my dedicated servers a few month back while developing my indexing method.

    325 active projects @255 LPM.

  • Don't make is jalous @Shaun, rofl
  • Actually yes, if you have a huge amount of projects(in the thousands), then it takes a very long time to open the program, even on an SSD. Merging projects with a large amount can also take time. Other than those, not really from my experience.
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