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I have a question about site list can someone please help me? Thanks

Hey Ser members,

I been using loopline for sometime, the list use to update 24/7 now in the last few days it has been updating 14, hours, 18 hours now it's at 1 day and still hasn't updated.

Anyone know why the list service isn't updating anymore?  I contacted support 2x but I didn't get a reply in 2 days.

The list is getting dirty it was always clean by LPM are down,  my thread are lowering
I use to get very, very high LPM's when the list was updated and threads were steady. I have a huge client base and steady jobs so now I'm getting worried.

So can someone please help me.

Thanks in advanced


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    Open a support ticket with the guy. Whatever is going on, he will get you fixed up. I've never seen him fail to resolve someones problem.
  • shaunshaun
    No idea why he hasnt replied to you, hes usually a get back to you within 24 hours kind of guy.

    I replied to you in his sales thread here, make sure your dropbox client has not crashed on your VPS or Server, thats happened to me a few times.

    Also, your active thread count has nothing to do with your list. If your thread count is dropping try rebooting SER.
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