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Constant email already used errors after last update

My LPM dropped from over 150 to only 35 since the last update.  I looked at the logs and I have been getting constant "email already taken" and "this email is already registered" errors even though I have added brand new emails from asiavirtual and they are brand new campaigns that have no links built yet, these errors start right away as soon as I start the campaign.

Another issue is that it keeps retrying to create the account several times over even though I have the box unchecked "retry to submit to previously failed sites".

Is there a place where i can send my logs to so that this can get fixed?


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    Its possible the email pack you bought from AsiaVirtual has been recycled, or was mistakenly sent out twice.

    I'd test with a single project/manually created email account and see if the error continues.

    I'm definitely not having this problem, and I'm running the latest update as well.
  • I am in contact with asiavirtual and they don't know what to make of it either.  They say they are 100% sure that the emails were never used before, i've even tried other emails from elsewhere and I am getting the same issue & asiavirtual support has looked at my VPS that I have thru them and checked my settings & everything, yet they still have no idea what could be causing it.  It seems that I am also the only one having this issue as no other complaints like this have been made before.
  • It turns out that the issue was caused by me not having enough disk space so GSA was creating links but was unable to save them to it's database so when it tried to create links on the same site again it gave the email already in use error.  Many thanks to Sven and asiavirtual for figuring out what the issue was.
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    The next GSA SER update which Sven will release will include a new feature which will make GSA show a warning message that it is unable to save data when a hard drive is full, this will prevent 1000's of accounts be created for which the data cannot be saved.

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    cool beans! Glad you guys got everything resolved.

    *proceeds to check disk space on all his VPS in case this happened to me*
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