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GSA no find new targets

Mevi100Mevi100 Poland
edited December 2016 in Need Help
GSA no find new targets, im add new 100k keywords list and nothing. 3 days ago i have 20-50LMP and 1-4VPM. Now i have 0LPM and 0VPM. Im find targets with use public proxy, when i change to private still nothing. In all projects i have no target to post to

Im used:
20 semi-dedi proxies
Private VPS

My Log:


  • shaunshaun
    That screenshot tells us very little but from what I can see you probably have too many search engines selected and they are just rpeating the same set of queries over and over again.

  • Mevi100Mevi100 Poland
    edited December 2016
    Now i have change to 9 search engines, and still nothing. 0 Targets.
  • When i delete target url history is better, only gsa now post 2 times to this same sites yes?

    Why gsa before stop adding post to new sites? New Sites is over?
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