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How to set Captcha Breaker's IP on SER, which runs on a separate server?

I want to separate captcha breaking from SER. I think it will save CPU, so that LpM can increase. So SER will run on one server and CB on another one.
I started Captcha Breaker as a webserver in another server. Now, in SER, I cannot find an option to specify Captcha Breaker's IP, where is it?



  • SvenSven
    1. you have to use some IP based API like "DeCaptcher API with IP" in SER
    2. you need to run CB as webserver with DeCaptcha simulation + IP

    However this is also limiting the success rate as SER will not send the engine name with it and the detection of the to-use captcha might not be as good.

  • GintasGintas Lithuania
    @Sven thanks. I want to try anyway. Could you elaborate a little bit more?

    I set CB options like this:

    in SER, I inputted my captcha server's IP and port. When I click "test", it says success.

    However, it doesn't seem to be used, what is wrong?

  • Look it up on google how to set it up properly or here is a little guide that may help you:
  • GintasGintas Lithuania
    @TheGypsy I know, I looked at them. It's not really clear what is wrong at this point, take a look at my screenshots, it seems everything is set up properly.
  • To be honest I had no idea that Sven implemented this method into CB so I am curious how exactly we need to implement the second point as I don't see any filed in CB to enter an IP.

    The link above explains an old school way of setting it up which involves the modification of the host file.
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    I dont believe CB is meant to be run remotely - Running in server mode is mostly useful if you have other tools/software that dont support CB but do support one of the other engines.
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