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Does not auto update

I have GSA PI version 1.73, when I run it I get the red notice that there is an update. I give it, and a window comes out and it quickly closes, it does not update me.

No matter how many times I close the program and open it, the warning still comes out. I checked on the official download page that the trial version is also 1.73 and I have not downloaded it. I still have the problem

Finally, an option to compact blacklist, and would also be good to export it to work and reimport it. These are just suggestions. A very very interesting option is to be able to tell you that if for example there are 300 urls (number to choose by the user) of a domain, directly avoid all urls omitting the domain. This could compact a BD much more than having to discard it because it is excessively heavy. I prefer that to having to be making new BDs when I get to many gigs. Being able to save and reimpose them would also be important, a BD for a niche market, another BD for another niche market etc. As I say only suggestions, now I would like the program to be updated because it asks for it and it does not.


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