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Question about Tags and Anon Test Icons

1. Hi, as seen in the image, I have not ticked Bing for testing, but it's still getting tagged, same with SSL (I only have "Anonymous" and "Google Search" ticked).

Also, at first, I couldn't get it to tag Google proxies, but after clicking "Add > Previously Removed" they did start showing, so it might a cache thing.

I have tried a couple things like stop the scheduler, restart PS and played around with the settings. 

I have no filters on at all.


2. I just wondered how some of the Anon test icons in the main window are grayed out and say "Never Tested", but in the column "Status" it says "Successfully Tested" (maybe some tests like "Tags" have been run, but the actual Anonymous test have not yet been run?)


  • SvenSven
    1. The Bing Testing is performed as you use the option "Use Search Engines to locate proxy lists" under "Provider" listing. This will use proxies with BING to search for new proxies. Meanwhile it is also testing them against BING of course and also SSL as that is required here.

    2. A Test was performed on the anonymous script sites but no reply was given at all. You might want to select some more "Anonymity" providers in case one fails.
  • edited November 2016
    That makes sense, it happened after I turned that on. The Google tags did first start after I clicked "Add > Previously Removed" but it might be that it was finishing other things up first, and I forced it by clicking that.

    I will try with a couple more Anonymity checkers. Is there any you recommend

    Thanks for the help.
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