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Error with test proxies?


Testing all private proxies againgst both Google, Bing, Whatsmyip etc.. and it says not working.
They're all new proxies, and same issue appeared with my previous proxies. 

I've not started a project yet, so this should be a GSA related issue. The proxies are bought from a well known, serious provider. 


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    SERS proxy checking feature works the same as.. well, every other proxy checker.

    Its never been wrong in my experience. But stranger things have happened.

    It is worth asking, are you authorizing the proxies properly? Private proxies require either A: A username/password or B: Authorization for the IP address of the server they are used on.
  • They're imported all fine
  • No, they're not, my bad. 

    In options. What threads / timeout settings are recommended? (using 25 semi private proxies) 
  • Now set to threads 100 timout 5 sec 
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    Got it working? Good deal! I only mentioned it because I've made the same mistake before (Even knowing better, I just dont pay attention sometimes and click the wrong import option.)

    With 25 semi-dedis you can get away with up to 500-1000 threads :) I would crank my timeout on up to, if you do put them under heavier load. ( Maybe to 15 seconds or so ).


  • Thank you Jordan

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