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Should i add more Proxies?

Hi guys!
Recently i start running some more campaigns on SER and i thing to update my private proxies from 5 to 10.
Will i see SER running faster with 10 private proxies?



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    Hey Neph,

    It really depends on how many threads your using, and the bandwidth available to the proxies. IE: 10 shared proxies is going to be much slower than 10 dedicated proxies, but both will be significantly faster than 10 public proxies.

    As a personal rule, I generally use about 10 dedicated proxies for every 500 threads.
  • shaunshaun
    As @1linklist said its all down to your proxy speed, the number of threads your VPS can take and your SER settings. Back in the day when people used SER to scrape search engines people would always say use 1 proxy per 10 threads of something like that but that was due to Google softbanning proxys higher than that rate for modified queries.

    If you are not scraping with SER then it can take so much more, right now I have 1800 threads open with 50 proxies but I usually only have 30 proxies on it.
  • Agree with what has been posted. I am running 500 threads on 25 dedicated and have zero issues. I am sure I can crank it up a bit, but am happy right where I am.
  • Thanks Guys! I am running 50 threads using 5 proxies so i will update them to 10 and run 100 threads.
    About scraping i use SElink lists service.
  • off topic, but for scraping, SB V2 is a winner. To get great results you need to develop lists specific to your niche. Buying a list that everyone beats up isn't going to get it done in a competitive situation. 
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