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How to build social bookmarking?

can anyone teach me how to build social bookmarking?
which software is the best for social bookmarking?


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    Well SER is pretty much the only thing out there when it comes to posting Social Bookmarking platforms. (Think Pligg, PHPdugg, etc.)

    Then you have your 2.0s - and again, SER (With the Ser engines add ons) is very good at those. But of course your going to want a wider selection than just that - In that case Zennoposter  & RankerX are your best bet.
  • beastmodebeastmode NYC
    edited December 2016
    I agree RX has the best because they are mostly quality sites, Pinterest, Twitter, Diigo, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.
    You are really not going to find a software that posts quality links likes that. RX is made for only authority links. They only use links from DA 60-100 for premium.
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