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How to scrape just EDU and GOV links?

How to scrape just EDU and GOV links?

I already checked in forum and there was a issue with that and i think it's still not fixed.

Let me know thanks you.


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Open a project, go to the options tab, scroll down until you find the "skip sites with the following word in the URL/domain". Check that box, then look to the right of that option and you'll see "create domain filter" - click that and you'll see a pop up letting you choose between "skip filter" or "must have filter". In this case you want to select the "must have filter". 

    Then you'll see another pop up where you'll be able to choose .edu, .gov from the list of domain extensions. 

    Must have filter = URL's must have that domain extension
    Skip filter = URL's with that domain extension will be skipped
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