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Linkbuilding - Warming up new sites

If possible, I would like very much to see an option that would allow the campaign to gradually increase the amount of links it creates each day to a specified amount.  It would look like this:

Pause the project after [1] verifications in a day day

Increase each day by [1-2] verifications until it reaches maximum [25] +/- verifications in a day


  • IMO I reckon this is too narrow. Ratios is what matters, if your lower tiers can get good enough verifieds then that should determine the T1 amount.

    When I say ratio I meant T1-3 = 1:10:100 for example.
  • 100% agree w @JudderMan -- Ratio is what matters. That function is worthless. Just blast SER off and go to the beach!
  • Ah i forgot i posted this a while back and just saw that it got replies now.  Are you guys saying that with a perfectly brand new site you just let er rip with the GSA campaigns?  just so long as you stick to a 1:10:100 ratio?  So if you built 1k links in a day you have 10k for t2 and 100k for t3? 

    If so, I've never tried that method before, was too worried about tanking brand new sites... Can you confirm that this is what you meant?
  • @truthealer07 I said "for example" - that's not a definite ratio I just meant for example you could use that :) Test for yourself.

    I would go slow, T1 say 5 links per week and pick and choose your ratios off the back of that. I don't know how you've set up your site, what content is on there, what's on-page SEO like, what types of links you're going to be throwing at the site. 

    Test, test, test. It's the only way you'll know. Once you figure out what works for you, then create more sites, scale up (VPS/dedi(s), scrape your own lists, etc).

    From my experience - which doesn't necessarily mean it will be the same for you - I always find that if you go hard at a site from day 1, keep it up as velocity seems to be a factor (viral products, product launches) but really SER isn't the only types of links you'll need for difficult niches (again, I don't know what keywords you're aiming at or their difficulty). I've always been aggressive with SER, mainly as there's a link degradation so if you get 70% verifieds, then you need to be pumping away to cover that lost 30%, particularly on tiers for the ratios to be good enough. And then there's indexing, which changed big time in April this year. 
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