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Description box in the last verified URL window.

Not sure if this is a bug or what but it has happened as long as I can remember, basically if I hover over the Last verified URLs window sometimes a little description box will pop up telling me its project and platform and such and sometimes it wont pop up. The same thing happens in the platform selection window within a project too.

I am experimenting with some new article platforms with manual captchas and seeing new icons show up got me wanting to hover over to see what project settings was producting it and what platform it was actually on. I know I can go into the verified URLs at the end of the day but i'm just curious if there is a keyboard key or something I can hold to force the little description box to show up when I want to see the details of a link?

I have tried right clicking it but there is no option to see it.

Anyone have any input? @sven?


  • SvenSven
    you mean the hint window not appearing sometimes as it should? Sorry, thats a known issue with the compiler/windows Im using. I really haven't come up with a solution for this as it does not really appear that much for me to closely debug this.

    The project that build that link can also be seen in an extra column. You can enable that when right clicking on the header. I guess I can make the other headers show as well there if you need them.
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