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Whatsup with Xpressengine/Joomla?

antonearnantonearn Earth
edited November 2016 in Bugs
I'm getting N/A on Xpressengine for every verified link like: 

Anchor text.... N/A
Linked URL....N/A
Dofollow: NO

This happens on every link made, not just sometimes. 
Anyone experience this also and how come? Its supposed to be dofollow, contextuals... 

Oh, noticed this happens for Joomla K2 and other platforms that supposed to be dofollow, contextuals. 



  • shaunshaun
    Can you upload a screenshot of where its saying this?

    I have built about 25,000 XpressEngines today, just checked them and the seem fine.
  • It was some kind of temporary issue. Might have been my settings or something. Seems alright now. Btw - have you tried gsa seo indexer? I can't find any good review on it to see how well it works. Consider buying.
  • shaunshaun
    Dont waste your money on it mate, theres a reason its a one time payment.

    I am split testing a bunch of new indexing services again right now, they are on their dip right now with some starting to bounce back and Elite Link Indexer are still top so far.
  • Thanks. Noticed they had a 30% off until Cyber monday. Cool!
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