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SERPowerlists and GSA Options?

Hey Guys, 

After playing around with gsa for a few weeks and not able to get my VPM over a solid 20 i finally give haha. Im a little confused on how gsa works with serpowerlist. I have ithe dropbox set up in the verified section like this:image

Then on the project settings in the options tab i click the verified box in: "Use urls from global site lists if enabled" like this:


So just making sure that's the right way to set up lists. Also i have 10 proxies from Buyproxies and 2 catchall emails setup.



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    Looks right to me. You'll probably want to disable that search-engine though; thats going to slow things down and lower your VPM with whatever lists your running.
  • Sweet, thanks for helping out. I disabled the search-engines. 

    Also, I noticed i been getting alot of "no engine matches" is that because something to do with the list or my options?
  • shaunshaun
    Thats your list.
  • oh ok thanks, is there a way to save those so that it skips it in the future, like save it in a failed list.
  • shaunshaun
    Rather than saving the ones that fail you could tick your verified folder so that it only saves successful ones and then pull future projects from there.

    Ideally you want a project set up building links to saving verified links for you and then all other projects will pull from your verified folder.

    You can take it even further only putting specific platforms and do follow only links into your verified folder to help optimise SER even further.
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    edited November 2016
    @shaun is right that "No engine match" is your list 99% of the time. His strategy for removing/filtering dead targets out of a list is spot on as well. That is (more or less) exactly how I do it myself.

    The only exception to the "No engine match" in the logs, is going to be if you have proxies error out, or intermittent connection problems. It probably *isnt* that, but just something to watch for.

    I usually go in and test my private proxies twice a day, just to make sure none of them have failed. (Which does happen, time to time. In which case you just open a ticket with your provider and get replacements.)
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    Screen shot 1: for the file format. Make sure that matches the file names in the folder. I think you might need to change it to: [type]-[name].txt
  • Thanks guys, i will implement what everyone said and report back with the results.
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