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Add URLs From Sitemap Dynamically?

edited November 2016 in Feature Requests
It seems like there are two options right now for adding all of the URLs(or multiple) of a website:

1. URL->Edit Button-> Add RSS Feed
- This is a great solution as it keeps adding new URLs as they are added to the website(or so I understand). However, not every website has an RSS, and not all of the links that you want to post to are included here. For example in a world of wordpress, only posts get into the RSS, but not pages.
2. URL->Edit Button-> Add RSS Feed Crawl Online
- This feature does support adding all possible URLs on a website and it's very customizable however it doesn't add the URLs dynamically. They are added once during the creation of the SER project and if you post NEW URLs to your website, they won't get added to the URL list in the project, because this feature doesn't monitor the website for possible new links.

"Crawl for URLs" is a VERY nice feature, but can you make it scan for new URLs periodically and add them to the project?

EDIT: Just noticed "Crawl for URLs" gets every URL possible, which is not preferable if it's going to be automated.

So can a sitemap.xml be used as a URL source just like the RSS feature?


  • SvenSven
    A sitemap can also be parsed. Just use the RSS feed and it will also get the URLs from sitemap.
  • @Sven I've read your response about this somewhere in this forum, and I thought that's the case, but when I tried adding a sitemap and used the Test Tool, the URL field was showing just random blocks from the sitemap.xml page instead of URLs. But when I entered an RSS and tried the Test Tool it showed the URLs correctly.

    Is maybe the Test Tool not displaying properly the URLs when a sitemap is used?
  • SvenSven
    message me the sitemap url and i test it myself.
  • SvenSven
    that format should work just fine.
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