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some questions

Hey guys. I’m a noob with GSA, but already having some success (one project ranked and others going up. ;-)). It’s a difficult (and powerful) tool. Even studying daily, I’ve been in doubt mainly concerning lists. I’d like to ask some questions:

1 - When I buy and add a verified list, where do I see it, in which folder?

2 - Is it possible to delete the added verified list? How?

3 - Do I have to add the bought list to all projects and tiers, or if I add it just to one project will GSA share with the others automatically?

4 - When I want to buy a new list, what defines a good one for me to buy?

5 - I’ve been letting the option “Build site lists that can be used globally by each project à verified” ticked. Even this way, should I “Import target URLs à from other projects à verified” for every new project?

6 - According to the best practices, how often should I change e-mails of a project?

Thank you very much!



  • SvenSven
    1. options->advanced->there you see the folders
    2. see 1. in tools
    3. you can add them in global site lists or per project...up to you
    4. the VpM stats will decide what list is good for you and which is not. Hard to tell and Im not the one judging on that. However usually customers report directly in the sales thread
    5. no, that will happen automatically then
    6. depends on the engines you use. 10 emails per project is a good number. exchange them maybe once a month without forum engines, every week if you use them.
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