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Small problems and some doubt

Hello @Sven long unpublished here, just two details in case you are convinced.

Solve Captchas is currently not available to add you to GSA CB

When the campaigns are running, the By mask sheduler does not work.

And I have a final doubt. When I in CB unmarked for example uncheck "recpacha" · and then I give the option of "not treating captchas not marked as not present", CB ignores them but if it does the other services added to CB or ignores them at all ?

Lastly, when I set up a campaign and tell it to ask the 2 captcha service, do you only query the second, or the second, and the ones below?

Well, that's it, Merry Christmas, if we do not talk sooner, hahahaha 



  • SvenSven
    >Solve Captchas is currently not available to add you to GSA CB
    Might get added soon
    >When the campaigns are running, the By mask sheduler does not work.
    please give exact steps to reproduce it
    if you set it to treat unchecked captcha types as not being present, then it will not detect it and also not send it to a service in case you explicitly marked that type to be solved by it. If you however allow all unknown captcha being sent thtere, this will work as well. Though I really do not recommand anyone using that "treat as not being present" option. It lowers success rate and is just there for very special needs.
    >2nd service
    it will solve by the 2nd service only. However Im aware that ppl want to solve by 3rd or whatsoever. I will make this optional.
  • Thank you for your prompt response, as always excellent support.

    It would be nice that although I select to solve the second service of capcha follow the line, I would make things much easier. That's the way I put 2captcha in the first place and so I can easily skip it and use the rest of the services.

    For masks, something must do wrong. I in GSA selected a few campaigns and selected, right button and I create a mask and give a name. When I go to start GSA, I give Sheduler by mask, I choose the mask and nothing happens, there are no more menus, and if I give it to start with the button above, all the campaigns work.

    Or do not get it right or something does not work well, surely it will be me. I would not bother with these questions, but there is no manual covering everything.

    Thanks in advance @Sven   
  • SvenSven
    Ahh that mask means you have to enter something like "*projectname*"
  • If I add a name to the mask. And when I go to sheduler by task, I get the name, I choose it but it is already, nothing happens. I have never used it before, and I see that it can be very useful to choose certain campaigns and give you more power with solvers of captcha and other masks use them without captchas of payment etc ...

    I still do not know what I'm doing right. Surely I have not understood very well what you want to tell me. 
  • One more thing @Sven, the change log does not work well, was caught two versions ago and does not show the new features you add. I always look at the change log in each update, you just have to enter the page to see the bug.

  • SvenSven
    thanks about the change log notice. I fixed that now.
  • SvenSven
    Let me explain the "By Mask" feature again....
    When you choose that from the START menu, it opens a box where you can enter a "mask" which should match project names. A mask is something like *word* which will e.g. match all project names having "word" in the name.
    If you e.g. want to start all TIER2 projects, and assuming you named them as "project  - TIER2", then you can e.g. use the mask "*TIER2*" in this box, hit enter.
    You should see all the projects with TIER2 being highlichted in the project listing and a new dialog shows up where you can also hit START.
  • Now if I have heard the work by MAsk, thank you very much, it is very, very useful

    Thanks for fixing the changelog and I look forward to the improvement for the capchas so that by choosing the second, follow the list of other solvers below. If by asking, I would add if possible the option of third solver, we have the option to send the first, second, and third and also follow the chain of other resolvers, I would be very good. The reason is because I have monthly payment services and others like 2captcha I pay for CPM

    Soon I will do a post on my solvers tests, it is impressive to see how some of the most recommended do not solve anything.
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