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GSA Ser v11.37 - Thread Issues

TryAMillionTryAMillion United Kingdom
I am seeing issues in this version. Some projects just won't increase thread counts. I have tested stopping all projects and keeping one running and notice that if I have for example 100 threads, individual projects will only have only a few threads such as 8 threads and no movement with verified pages.

I tried running a fresh install on another server and it seems slow.

Is it services I am using emails, proxies, captcha service or is it just this version is slow? Seems like 2 sub versions ago, was getting a good amount of links for projects but now does not appear to be moving.


  • SvenSven
    do you use the option to lower threads on high cpu or memory usage?
  • TryAMillionTryAMillion United Kingdom
    Hi @Sven

    I have been using lowering threads when high CPU usage. RAM, it has been ok, and haven't seen it go too high. Actually quite good RAM usage on GSA Ser.

    I am doing some testing and I think it might be the catch all email services because I correlate that since using catch all email services is about when the slow down has happened. I have seen one where 15,000 submisssions but only few hundred verifications from what I remember (on fresh install and only one license so don't remember exact verifications but it is a drastic difference than usual).

    My suggestion right now for anyone suddenly experiencing slow downs is to look at what you recently added that might have an effect. A good idea is to have an SEO log where you log changes you have made and can pin point where issues or good things have been implemented.

    @Sven I will keep testing, but for now, I think it is the catch all email services. I am testing 2 different ones and same thing. Right now, testing with my own domains for email, and will give further updates, but for now, I don't think it is directly GSA being the issue but the catch all services.
  • TryAMillionTryAMillion United Kingdom
    edited November 2016
    @Sven in v11.37 I took off the lower threads if CPU goes above xx so it just carries on, but that version did have an issue where threads were not based on settings. I was seeing it go to even as low as 1 or 2 threads, and CPU was hardly being used. In v11.38 things are all ok and I have managed to see it go to an insane amount of threads so all good. With v11.39 I think it was slower in getting links but that could just be the list I used.

    I thought it has something to do with emails, captcha etc, but that should not effect its actual ability to have threads running.

    btw, I really like the level and speed of updates to the software Sven. I have used GSA quite a lot since getting mine and you doing a great job.
  • SvenSven
    @TryAMillion Thanks for the flowers. Anyway I haven't done much on the threadding part so I don' tthink it has something to do with the code but more of your CPU or project data.
  • TryAMillionTryAMillion United Kingdom
    flowers lol. Will send flowers once GSA makes bank ;)@Sven

    I just updated to v11.40 and this is working exactly how it was the other day so can go back to original server. The other day it just was not any good but today I can see multiple projects getting links regularly - no change in settings. Could be link lists or other factors, but at least its GSA Ser again :)
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