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Create a log file

It would be great if Captcha Breaker could log every attempt during brute force run (with the fields: [image name] - [Captcha type applied] - [result of OCR1] - [result of OCR2] - [result of OCR3]).
Why I need it:
1) at the end of Brute Force, the software now gives only 1 algorithm with the best success rate. But I would like to check not only one "winner", but also second or third place solutions.
2) for some captchas, all algorithms give 0% success, i.e. no image was recognized correctly. But in fact some algorithms made a mistake in just 1 character (such attempt will be still considered failed), so such algorithm could be taken as a basis and further improved manually.


  • SvenSven
    well thats a good point and guess what...I coded it like that already. CB does not rely on one OCR result but uses all of them to decide whats the best and even mixes certain results and combines them.

    I think I have written something about that in change.log when I imrpove that algorithm over time.
  • Sven, thank you for the fast reply!
    But it's still not very clear for me... You say that CB "uses all of them to decide whats the best and even mixes certain results and combines them" - but at the end of the Brute Force run, it only gives me a message about 1 engine, something like "Found a solution! Engine: XXX. New Success Rate: 66.67%" so 1) I don't see where it combines different engines here, 2) I can't see other engines which were probably also giving the same success rate as XXX or close to that, 3) I can't see the cases where engine was recognizing, say, 5 out of 6 characters - all such cases will be considered failed. I still think that writing a log file would be a great help to find the best solution.
    Let me know if I am understanding it wrong.
  • SvenSven
    See sample image below:
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