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Target url import Processing Order

I am not using lists folder and rather import target urls from texts file. I want to know the processing order in case I multiple text files
Let suppose I have text file A with 100 urls and Text file B with 1,000 urls
I import List A first and then List B. So how will gsa process the links ? Will the 100 links of list A will be processed first to make links on or the list B will be processed first to make links on the 1,000 Links targets
@Sven Please can you guide me in this regard please  ? Thanks


  • SvenSven
    SER reads links from the bottom to top. In your sample, list B will be proceed first followed by list A.

    The reason is simple. This way, SER can read e.g. the last 1MB of the file and truncate there. That way it doesn'T have to read e.g. 1MB from top and move the rest of the data to the top. That would waste a lot memory.
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