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Contextual Types

When SER asks which types we want and i choose "articles only" why does it still keep engines with article, profile? 

If I choose articles only, it should be articles only?


This is when unchecking engines that use no contextual links



  • SvenSven
    well depends on what you see are contextual links. Profile links can also be contextual and have text around an link/anchor. Some engines like Jommla K2 e.g. even use that to post full articles in profiles.
  • Good point to be honest, so it doesn't mean profile as in just a link in a profile about me or whatever that's the impression I got.

  • SvenSven
    correct :) In project options->link type you see the different profile links as well.
  • Thanks for clearing that up, appreciate it!
  • @Sven, one more thing if you don't mind answering please.
    When I scrape URL's with Scrapebox, do I trim to root before I import?
    Or keep it as the long URL it scraped.

    Would importing the root domain, make GSA post to anywhere it can within the website?

    Just trying to avoid wasted resources.
  • SvenSven
    That depends on the engine itself. For Blog Comments e.g. it would be important to use the deep link and not the root URL. For most engines however it is equal as SER needs to find the register/login/submit URL itself anyway.

    Personally I would not waste much time on the root-URL trimming...only if you are sure it's a lot of duplicates after root-timming + engines are all about login/register.
  • I'm mainly doing contextual links, but yeah I see. Thankyou
  • To be honest, I only use articles only.
    But at the end of the day, it's still up to you...
  • Yeah I'm gonna do that also
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