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how many projects can i run in paralel ?

can i run 2000 projects in paralel ? (i dont mind having them running slowly).
machine : 10 cores, 12gb ram, 100 proxies(Constantly changing).
is there any limit or suggestions related to my q?
the svenman man


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    Honestly you'd be better off grabbing a second server and limiting yourself to around 1000.

    The big thing is just going to be keeping your thread-count reasonable. I would not go over 900 threads, and you should be fine.
  • shaunshaun
    edited November 2016
    svenman in theory you could but in practice you cant, I tried to research this a while back but couldent find a definite answer but various forums suggested that 32 bit programs have an active thread limit of something around 2080 and once that is reached the program will crash for some reason. Some forums said different though but that number correlates to SER crashing at around that thread count.

    Now every active project you have is classed as an active thread by SER so to have 2000 projects active at once means you are already taking up 2000 threads meaning SER is highly likley to crash at any time. I run at 1800 threads with no problems, I tried at 1900 but it does crash randomly there too.

    You can test this pretty easily by making a burner project targeting then duplicate it 2000 times, select all, right click, set project active and see what happens. If you do this test let us know what happens as I am curious :).
  • >600 threads = crash after a sec..
    on 450 threads... its crashing every hour or so.

  • i get out of memory (gsa msg)
    i see gsa taking 1.99 gb
    my machine has 24 gb.

    gsa err msg is :
    sorry, you got too many active projects or threads.
  • shaunshaun
    The error message that pops up and asks if you want to stop projects to make changes? Just cancel and ignore that mate.

    What VPS are you running it on?
  • vps :
    • 12 CPU Cores 
    • 24 GB RAM
    • 120 GB SSD
    yes, its the same message...
  • lol....
    ignoring this message seems to be solving (:... ill give it to run few good hours, hopefully will not crash the app..
    LPM  ~190..
    930 RUNNING Projects..
    i got 400 private proxies

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