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GSA SER - What's Working And What Is Not (Discussion)

Thought it might be worth starting (and then regularly updating) a thread about what is working and what isn't in GSA SER.  

There are 21 engine/platform groupings.  Here are my views on how they are working just now:

- Those That Can Be Used For Tiered Campaigns (DF/Contextual Only)
  • Articles
  • Blog (I think one 
  • Directory
  • Forum (probably should drop this?)
  • Microblog
  • Social Bookmark
  • Social Network
  • Video
  • Wiki
- Additional Ones To Above That Can Be Used But Not In A Tiered Campaign:
  • Exploit
  • Guestbook

- Those I Don't Use At All
  • Doc Sharing
  • Image Comment
  • Indexer
  • Pingback
  • Referrer
  • RSS
  • Trackback
  • URL Shortener
  • Video-adult
  • Web 2.0 (probably should get SERE and test this out)
Anyone have any thoughts, having successes in different areas or even using less of the engine groupings available...?

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