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hi i would very much like to have  the email verifier, i think it's cost here in Australia is $98.00 AUD , i cannot afford that , i am 83 ,i  live on an Old Age, Pension. 

i do not quite understand the " donate option " ,, can i buy the verifier by donating say $10.00 a month ? thanks don


  • SvenSven
    No, the donate link is for people who want to actively support our projects. Remember, you buy a life time license with no additinal costs. If you want new features added, we usually do that of course. But it helps covering the costs if you donate a little and support us.
  • donardonar australia
    hi sven , thanks for the reply, is there anyway i can get the verifier for less than the $98.00 Australian , any old out of date version with no updates etc .
    i really am 83 and i really do live on an old age pension ,and if required i will offer proof of this.. 
    i went to try and sell a few things on the net to bolster my income a bit and i want any lists i get verified before i send them out . 
    i have looked at you program and i like it , i subscribed to the maxprog verifier , after 3 uses they closed my account , i asked why , they said i had made a complaint at paypal, and they had refunded my money.
    i most definately did not make a complaint to P/P or anyone else , and after long consultations with paypal it seems they did not receive any refund and i lost my money , thanks don 
  • SvenSven
    Im sorry but we actually never keep old versions and I also would not feel good selling you something that probably has bugs in it.
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