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I've just sat for an hour manually selecting "predefined footprints" to correspond to my engine selection in gsa.

Once I had a huge list of basically all the engines I want to post to, I put them in scrapebox and merged with kws etc.
Then I've ended up with 1.5m links, so I imported them.

Now all gsa is saying is "no engine matches".

I know what this means, but how can that be possible if I manually got the predefined footprints only from the list I've selected in the left hand side.

So whatever I had ticked on the left, I exported the footprint for that specific engine. So no engine matches either means I haven't got it selected or gsa doesn't support that engine.

So howcome I've scraped different engines to what I had used from the footprints?

Any advice/help would be great,


  • SvenSven
    well many footprints are not used with keywords. If you add keywords, then there will be no results for google and in a result google usually removes the quotes. That results in totally different sites found.
  • Ok that makes sense, good point. Thanks!
  • Just re-read this as its happened again. All the footprints I exported are green in the sidebar, meaning they have keyword related target sites. Meaning These wouldn't / shouldn't do as you just mentioned?
  • SvenSven
    No, thats not correct:
    yellow = no keyword used
    dark green = keyword is always used
    light green = keyword is eventually used

    You can however treat engines with light green as those who do not need keywords to find targets.
  • That's what I don't get, The engines I have selected, all are dark green. So i manually got their predefined footprints 1 by 1. Then scraping with them, I end up with like 6M links. Remove duplicates then that's like 2M. then I import into GSA and get a lot of "no engine matches". 

    I'm gonna buy PI anyways :)
  • SvenSven
    naw thats not what I want you to do in first place. But see why it is that massive "no engine matches" thing.

    I have one more exploitation here:
    If your list e.g. contains 10 URLs from the same domain and all with a "comment form" on, but SER somehow does not identify it as any of the engines to post to, then it will say "no engine matches" for all of them.
    Now the interesting part would be to know what kind of URL that is and what footprint was used to find it.
  • edited November 2016
    Just realised links that get "no engine matches" are comment links, I am scraping contextual only and only have contextual selected in GSA SER. Why is this scraping places which include comments? Can I pm you my footprints and you tell me if I'm doing it wrong or maybe see a reason why this happens.
  • Also, bought PI and with identifying them this happens:

    Is that a reasonable / normal amount?
    Or do my footprints not find my exact engines and that's why I get the no engine matches. 550k+ are unrecognised, i dont know why :/
  • SvenSven
    Yes, send that footprint lists I have a quick look.
    PI: hard to say if thats normal. I don'T know what lists you parse...but in general I would trust PI more than that Scrapebox scraping.
  • I seriously didn't understand it as well.
    Thanks for explaining Sven!
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