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paid review for my projects is needed

hi guys,
im quite new to GSA-SER (3 months) and im ready to use it as my T3 BOOSTER only.
i got 10,000 projects to run and i would like to know im not making any mistake.
so far..i saw that the links are VERY BAD QUALITY and hardly indexed on google, hardly = 99% not indexed.
* waited 2 months.

im using only english sites, using filter for lot of nasty keywords, using good content, using yandex and also moz api...nothing really helping.
i wonder if someone can review my projects and tell me what am i doing WRONG...
i will pay for this session.

waiting for replies (:


  • antonearnantonearn Earth
    edited November 2016
    10.000 projects! :smiley:
  • why do u find it amusing ?
  • i assume that it may sound a bit strange to you, ill describe my work plan.
    money site: well established site, ranked 20+- for a highly competitive keywords, 10yrs old.

    PBN - 1200 sites, completly mine., each site 7-8 post and growing weekly.

    T2 SITES strong links from many sources, most of them reviews of a real product by real people.
    apx 800.

    what the helllll im trying todo..
    i got lot of good competitors, im trying to make my T2 sites rank HIGHER by promoting those sites and each of my PBN SITES+POSTS.

    total >10k projects.

  • and yes, i GOT TIME and resouces for multiple projects, etc.
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