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A help from a expert

Hello guys, i have 3 keyword out of top 100 from 1 month and they before were in the top 15.
At this point i tought there was a problem from my tier 1 backlinks (Just articles joomla k2 etc) so i bought a sub from a website where i could look all my backlinks and i disavowed all the links that had spammy value, low cf,tf,da etc.

After some days all my keyword had a big rank up of around 10-30 position but those 3 keyword still out of top 100. 

Whats the problem there? I dont had any issue in webmaster tool about bans or other things.

Could you tell me whats the issue and if i got banned in those 3 keywords so i wont use them anymore. If i got banned on these, how i remove this ban? Thanks you.
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