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Classified "Post Free Ads" Site List Needed !

Hi everyone!

I am looking for a site list, the biggest one possible, that would include only classified sites where I can post a free ad.

I'm not looking to build backlinks to a site but rather, would like to simply post ads to classified site.

Where can I purchase such a list?

Thank you!!!


  • You'll have to scrape the list yourself or hire somebody to do it. I don't think there's a ready-made list that's so specifically targeted.
  • search fiverr, freelance  sites etc.
  • Thank you both for your response.

    If anyone reads this and has a list of sites I can post ads to, specifically without any sign ups so direct
    urls to post ads, please let me know.

    If your list is of post ads sites that are only by sign ups, I would consider these also.

    Thanks and happy new years to all !!!

    2016  2017 !!! Finally, a good year ahead

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