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Possible Bug at "how to link" in article manager

edited November 2016 in Bugs

I'm trying to make a random word/phrase to be as anchor text in my article.
it seems that the "Random word/phrase" option on "how to link" in article manager doesn't work right.

when I click "test" it just uses a generic anchor like "click through the up coming internet page" or "click here", and doesn't choose a random word/phrase from the article, and make it anchor text.

Please help me out with this, its looks like a bug.


It seems that "Just a link at a random location doesn't work as well for me and it acts exactly as I described above.


  • SvenSven
    please keep in mind that Test/Preview is not always reflecting your settings. It will however work fine for submission.
  • SvenSven
    anyway, fixed it for next update (preview/test). It should still work on normal submission.
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