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4 new links per 5url a day= 50-60 links ? Allow posting on same sites - doesnt work GSA ser

Allow posting on same sites means nothings for ser right now. While importing list from clipboard cant make more urls then imported.
When setting up for example 3 urls to create 7 links each , Gsa makes 41 urls

Next bug: one project made 700verified urls, it stops showing no targets to post , tried clearing cache and importing list one more time, it makes 700imported as submitted and only 9 as verified (dont know how but GSA deleted all my 700 previously made verified links in this particular project O_O )

After all project stops, created new one, imported verified list from clipboard and also made similar 700 submitted and around 10 verified.

@Sven what should I do? Can U identify this bugs and fix them?


  • Its not my first time using gsa, everything is the same, good emails, proxies, same settings etc.
  • SvenSven
    what kind of engines are that? Can you provide a project backup and the required data?
  • @Sven , pm with needed files sent :)
  • SvenSven
    The problem is the engine type itself. It's Joomla K2 which will create articles on a profile page. That means it can only create one article per account.
  • Thank U for info, but why while list building(bought one of recommended list)  in another project i got 700 verified? Added only few emails to first project
  • SvenSven
    well if you import urls and want to post to that same account, it will not work other than it is overwriting the data of the project you originally build the links with.

    you really have to import the urls alone and new emails to let it build links here.
  • I just imported them from another project which was dedicated only for list building. 
    Imported to second new project with new emails etc , second project made 700 submitted, 9 verified
  • SvenSven
    ok so new accounts have been created you see anything in the log when turning it to "Active (verify email only)" ?
  • Exactly , it is joomla awaiting account verification but still dont know how does it goes through list  building project as verified links and after importing only verified urls to new project this urls are parsed.

    Second problem is with building specified number of links. For example if I put 5 verifications per urls , it builds sometimes 20 verified urls per url. Is there any way to solve it ?
  • SvenSven
    1st I would need that project backup to see why the links do not verify. maybe its something in the email settings

    2nd there should be no issue, but once again for joomla k2 you will only see it submitting once per URL, creating just one entry. I need howebver project backup for this as well to see why it happened.
  • for 2nd problem send U private msg with link
    for 1st problems aready sent u project backups in previous private msg

    Can U look at this backups ?
  • Tested project, 

    options: stop project after 4 verifications per URL   , loaded 3 URLs  so it should make around 12-15 urls

    Project loads for example 800 urls for submission, start, submitted around 180 and changed status to Active (P) but it is still submitting to 380. Final there was made 85 verified links instead 12.

    @Sven can U help me? 
    Already sent project files in private msg
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