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Any Thought of Designing A Test

Hey Guys,

I've posted 2 template testing related threads here at GSA SER forum.
And it's a shame to inform you guys all these 2 tests all indexed but NO RESULTS.
No results means none of my testing url have ranked even at 100 with a super long tail keyword. (I tracked 400+ keywords)
So, I am wondering which part of my test goes wrong.

Here's some basic information of my test:

Test Object

URL:Fresh subdomain of, and
Content: 10+ Keyword related spun articles generated by SEO Content machine, every articles have at least 1 image.

GSA Setting

List: TrevaB, SyncSer and Loopline
Anchor: Main KW: 30%, LSI&Partial: 35%, Generic: 10%, URL: 25%
Data Filed: Generated By SEO Content Machine
Link Build: 33 Verified Links per each URL per Day, Total Built links: at least 100 depend on which template

I've ranked one of my PBN post to page 2 by GSA SER alone, so I thinks SER should able to rank web 2.0s or can it?
Really Need some advise on design a test, Thanks!


  • shaunshaun
    A few potential problems.

    1. Web 2s and other parasites dont work/rank anywhere nears we well as they used to.
    2. Not sure what you mean by 10+ keyword related spun articles but your on page KWD could be too high.
    3. 30% main anchor is crazy high in my oppinion, I use 5% some guys I know use 1-2%.
    4. 100 links built on T1 total? How many of the 100 are indexed? The projects I have dancing between page 1 and 2 has just over 7000 SER built contextuals on its T1.
  • Thanks @shaun,

    1. I agree with that, but no rank at all? Some keyword I tracked even have 0 MS.
    2. Consider it as 10+ spun articles, and this articles were generated by SEO CM with related keyword
    3. Maybe it's the problem, I'll try.
    4. I didn't track the index rate of backlinks (is it a build in function of SER?), and my money site is dancing too but it's between page 2-3 :( , not sure why cause it cause I didn't blast my money site with SER, but 50+ HPA or normal web 2.0s and 20+ PBN links of my own.
    Maybe my money site SERP dancing is cause by my web 2.0s GSA tier?
  • shaunshaun
    Maybe they have been ghosted or something? Search their URLs in Google and see if they turn up for that.
  • @shaun, Thanks again.

    My High PA and PBN Tier still ranking, the one have ever ranked is still ranking.
    The wired part is some web2.0s or PBN even ranked highier than my money site with some other keyword.
  • For effective SEO: I'd be sure to have structured H tags and try to hold-off on keyword stuffing too much.
  • Your anchors are over-optimized IMO.
  • @ericspurs, thanks man.
    The keyword density is easy to fix, but how about testing platform?

    What you guys think if I publish 10+ spun and unique articles on a PBN and use these articles to test with same target keyword.
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