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Cookies,Auto Save

edited February 2013 in GSA Email Spider
It seems that before each project is loaded you have to submit the cookies. Wouldn't be easier to have an option to "Automaticaliy login" before Start.
And also an option so that end result is written to a folder once project is done. So that feature "Multiple Projects" can be used at all :)


  • SvenSven
    You got that already (Auto login checkbox).
  • If you don't press "submit" button it will not work. So that has to be pressed automatically :) silently
  • I am not sure if the question is fully answered here.

    My doubt is if you can run multiple projects, does it save each project automatically after ending?

    Obviously it should. But I can't find this option. There is only an automated backup every x minutes. But this would garantee that it saves all your results just before starting the next project.
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