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Captcha breaker 'not running or not responding'


Capture breaker says it's not running or responding when 'test' is clicked. wouldn't that be the reason for such low submissions? if it doesn't make it through the captcha it's not going to be submitted.

I've made SER and CB site administrators and I get the same msg box above.

Any help is appreciated, joe


  • seohubseohub
    Captcha Breaker > Options > Simulate the following captcha services > tick one (I ticked AntiGate, but choose one you don't use) > OK

    SER > Options > Captcha > Add > AntiGate (or whatever you ticked in Captcha Breaker) > Test > your test should be successfull with a balance of 999

  • SvenSven
    Thats one option but it is better to use it as real Captcha Breaker and start SER as admin. This should work then as well and the success rate is better as SER can send other data along with the captcha itself that improved the captcha type detection.
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