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'no engine matches' in SER

SER says,

'no engine matches'

'download failed'

'no form at all'

'page end'

This tells me that it's not even getting to the urls to submit most of the time, or that there's no form to fill out thus it's not a legitimate site stored in your software. I've used all of the Michael Woodwards' settings.

There's about 200 target urls that SER submits to and they're from two sites - and with a forward slash on the end of each and various pages after the forward slash. I submitting to article sites, social bookmark and network sites, and web 2.0 and wikis.  

I've gotten 2 verified and up to 18 submits in 1-2 hours over the course of a day or 2. 

Any help is appreciated. joe


  • SvenSven
    replied by email. It's probably a setting issue of proxies. I might reply here or you please as long as we found the cause.
  • aldenzeigleraldenzeigler Neverland
    edited November 2016
    Are you using yahoo mails? Is it POP3 enabled?
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