This Will Change The Way Content Is Made

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Guys, this is what I suggested @sven to implement to the content tool he is currently developing. 
As we all know, we only have 24 hours a day, same for him. Therefore priorities are key to success. 
So for all of you that would buy a content tool that can do this, say YES, so he clearly sees the value doing something like this and know you would buy it.. 

Here goes the steps I suggested it should do: 

1) Choose a URL ( or a specific URL (

2) Exclude pages? (A dropdown menu with all pages from the URL you input in step 1)

3) Choose to spun or not to

3) Start

4) Output of all pages in spun or non- spun format (depends on choice made in step 3)

5) Input login details for your wordpress site, and click Publish. 

Good artists copy, great artists steal... 

@shaun @viking @tim89 @spunko2010 Any further inputs on this? 

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