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Incredible Indexer Selling Script

Hey guys.

I may be crazy nuts for putting this out there, but the time has come that I'm looking to selling the Incredible Indexer script. This is NOT badass indexer, this is a entirely different script. It's more for those that are doing spammy links and gsa type. No captcha is involved in this script.

We are having a brief webinar about how the script works and basics of it.

At one time I had over 500 GSA users on incredible indexer ... and still to this day I have roughly 100 users. So it works ... even 3 years after it's birth.

But I decided that I'm shutting the doors and selling the script to some users that would like to be able to index at will and not have to pay some monthly payment. We all hate monthlys right!

Be forwarned, I'm only selling a limited amount. You can use this same script to sell to other users like on GSA or other services. My site admin will be setting up the script on YOUR VPS and your off and running.

What's needed?
1. VPS in linux -- We have 1 dedicated server and we just split it to make several indexing scripts
2. Domain name for hosting of the script
3. Roughly 10 domains for the indexing, more domains if you like

Come on over to the webinar and find out more information.


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