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Filter and verified urls

edited October 2016 in GSA Proxy Scraper

Dear @sven i want let you know, having some issue with gsa proxy scraper in the section url metric scanner, the alexa filter and verified urls in GSA not work in the way i want it.

my settings for Alexa under edit ranges starts with PR1=3,5Million and lowered the higer the PR is

i use
  1. Enable “Emulate Google PR” within Proxy Scraper → Tools → URL Metric Scanner
  2. In SER you have to disable the usage for proxies with PR (Options → Submission → Use Proxies for PR → UNCHECK)
  3. in SER you need to disable the usage of YandexTIC (Options → Advanced → Use YandexTIC as PR → UNCHECK)

in projects i use skip sites with unknow PR


so now my problems:

in verified links in GSA shine sites with unknown PR up, how to aviod this?



most come from statistic sites


next thing when the filter for Alexa is set up to PR1=3,5 million so i get verified links with higher Alexa to? How to avoid verified links ofer 3,5millions or Alexa traffic rank N/A?


Thank you!



  • SvenSven
    this comes from indexing services who will have the url submitted once you open it. So the link is then there and SER will pick it up even than.

    Uncheck that category.
  • OK

    never use it in T1 so made not a big mistake, but was is with my second question abaut the other links with Alexa filter when SER verified links from other platforms also in T1 higer than in my settings! My PR settings in edit ranges (PR1 lower/equal to 3,5 million, PR2 lower/equal 2 Million PR3 lower/equal 1,3 Million Alexa rank and so on....)

    But I want to sort the pages by lower alexa ranking!

    How to avoid verified links in T1 with Alexa N/A or even higher, the reason i ask for is after time you check the sites in MOZ or AHREFS low quality links pointing to them. There is a connection between lower Alexa ranking sites and majestic TF CF rating. Majestic have blocked request.

    Thank you!
  • SvenSven
    Im not sure if I got your second question. There is aproject filter that will filter sites with a PR above a certain setting. Just enable that one?
  • Thank you for that tip, i use SER for years now never have checked that box? I have assumed that if the first box is checked with PR 1 above, links with higer PR, all are automatically verified via PR1 above?

    So i try this setting now

  • SvenSven
    yes sounds ok
  • Dear @sven i only want let you know i let run GSA projects with this settings for the last 5 days check box and with PR above 10 in all projects like your mentions and again the Alexa filter is not working in the right way, got a lot verified backlinks with alexa rank outside my settings (Higher or not listed in alexa) when i copy the url in alexa shows this message "We don't have enough data to rank this website." at many links

    This are the settings


    and Filter settings for Alexa


    you can try with same settings, i hope there is a way to work this filter better

  • SvenSven
    well what URL was checked incorrectly here?
  • edited October 2016
    I tryed many of the verifieds to check in alexa

    examples but its not on an single platform seems the filter accept not the settings PR1 = lower to 3,500.000 and all sites with higer alexa are not verified or GSA do not post to them

    This are only example urls to show you
    general blogs        alexa 19,915,545      alexa  8,114,703  alexa 14,591,112    We don't have enough data to rank this website.

    joomla K2 alexa 12,254,557         alexa 12,884,592

    all verified from today

    and so on.......


  • SvenSven
    hmm all of the sample sites give me PR0 as they are all higher than the value in your PR1 setting.
    Thats ok except for the one with no data in it...i try to correct that in next update.
  • Hi

    this would be nice after majestic is block request, if you need more data from my verified to check it out let me know how i can send you CSV or what ever you need.
  • SvenSven
    ok i just fixed the PR-NA/A thing, however what else is there to fix? Maybe I misunderstood something on your problem?
  • I have both software Proxy Scraper and PR Emulator, i start new projects and let PR Emulator run now. So i can see its diffrent results in verified links. To clear all misunderstoods i only want avoid verified links from domains that have higher Alexa than 3,500000 i need only lower sites for links thats all. What i want to tell its only that with this settings in Proxy Scraper and SER also post SER to sites outside this filter value.
  • SvenSven
    Are you sure SER is configured to use external PR tools? PR2 as in screenshot e.g. should never happen as all is PR0.
  • edited October 2016
    How to config SER for external PR Tool? Any changes to make in SER? I use this settings normal
  • SvenSven
    edited October 2016
    yes, thats exactly how it should work. So where are the PR2's are coming from? Can you recheck PR of the URLs in that dialog?
  • edited October 2016

    I exactly use all recommended settings from manuals for each software
    when you mean this results in the window of the PRemulator


    open complete frehs today but you see SER is posting to other sites to but in all projects and tiers that i run is PR1 the lowest setting.

    In history i use SER longer time for sorting links i use first PRJacker than i jump over to your tools as the come out

  • SvenSven
    I see that all the PR? links are from Indexing sites. Thats a normal thing as things like that get created when checking and SER picks that up as verified (since already there).
    You have to disable Indexing category in SER.
  • edited October 2016
    This is what you recommended me in this thread before (I use it not in T1 links)

    So i disable all those platforms Indexer and Exploits for test now and let only 1 group run

    first i clear all in the Emulator window and in the SER window on verified links
    than i enable a log file for PRemulator

    download here PR Emulator.txt?dl=0
    as example i pick some results results.txt?dl=0


    the question where come the links from (i copy older verified links from my folder direct into GSA projects)

    this are the list of verified urls so you can compare the results links.csv?dl=0

  • SvenSven
    so you have problems that the PR from SER is somehow showing and you don't know from where it is coming as it does not appear in PR log? Well keep in mind that links are build and the PR is checked than before doing so. That PR is saved along with the "to verify" data to not do this PR check again later once it is verified.

    So I guess the data was coming from a previous cache that was saved along with that submission. Your PR-log might just not have that saved as it was done before you started it/updated it?
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