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2Captcha alternative to solve Recaptcha2 in SER?

Could someone recommend 2Captcha alternative to solve Recaptcha2 in SER? 2Captcha always doesn't have enough operators.


  • I never use re-captchas and get awesome results

    The list i use you don't need them plus I don't use them anyway missing recaptchas is not gonna get a spam complaint its not the recaptcha that do that.

  • sergeda  did you increase your bid price?
  • @Alden No, I didn't
  • @sergeda You should increase your bid price so you'll get more workers to solve your captchas.
  • ^ In my experience, Captcha Solutions is overpriced + slow AF.
    No unlimited options. Not suitable for SER.
  • captcha solutions are unuseful their support doesn't responding and they have for last two days 100/100 unsolved recaptcha's,  waste of money ;)
  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ - supports Recaptcha2 now :)

    Were still doing some testing, but if you do a host-file redirect for to our service instead we should be able to solve them. (They wont be sent if you simply select 1Captchas service, since Sven hasnt added our support to SER yet)
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