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Question on adding your own search engine

Hi Guys,

Just a quick question, i am scraping my own targets and am adding in real time to a database, i am adding the url for example:

I notice in the logs while running GSA is trying to search for a string like:

19:31:47: [ ] 007/250 [Page END] results on 24/7 Scraper for Joomla K2 with query "Create an account" "Forgot your password?" "Login Form" "Remember Me" "Log in" "Forgot your username?"

is this right enough? or can i turn the search query off?

cheers guys



  • SvenSven
    Well of course SER has to search for something in a search engine. However just add a dummy paramater with %search% to your URL and it will get added but what you give back in your search url is your part. SER does not check if the items appear on the page.
  • ah ok thanks Sven :)
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