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Anyway To Increase Pligg Success Rates

Hi guys,

I have always struggled getting pligg bookmarks with GSA even when using a paid captcha solving service.

Does anybody have any pointers on how to increase pligg bookmark success?

When running the same list through bookmarking demon I can get around 600 successful links.

But run that same list through GSA and it just burns $10 in captchas and gets around 12 links.

I'm willing to pay for a highly successful pligg engine, or for any great tips and pointers.

Thanks guys,


  • I guess I'm the only one having issues with pligg.
  • Any help on getting more success rates with Pligg?

    I'm willing to pay for a custom script, and I know that I have to use 2captcha or similar paid capthca service to get these links.
  • SvenSven
    get me the links where you think SER should have made a veridied URL. But please not 1000s of URLs but really some selected once you also checked.
  • I have sent you around 500 that I have been able to post to recently with bookmarking demon.
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