VPS Black Screen Freeze

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Hi Sven,

I am getting an issue whereby when I use GSA and I flick between desktop and VPS I get a black screen and then have to restart VPS.

All my other software on VPS works fine when switching between desktop and VPS and therefore must be a bug with GSA - never had this before have been using the software successfully for about a year.

Please advise.

Thanks for your help


  • mmm do you get a black screen from the VPS OR from the remote desktop, because this happens to me a lot but you just have to wait some seconds because is a connection between your machine and the VPS and their should be some delay sometimes...
  • Yes the delay happens for me too... i just do something else and then it often starts to appear and refresh at a reasonable rate.
  • I get a black screen from remote desktop - when i then close GSA on remote desktop everything is fine and as I mentioned this only happens with GSA

    It doesnt matter how long I wait the screen stays black
  • Disable UCENTER under articles
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Hmm why you think UCenter is causing this?
  • Same thing happened to me this morning, I submitted a ticket to PowerUp and they referred me to this thread saying its a GSA bug, I thought it was something with my VPS. 

    I left my VPS open in my remote connection at my work comp over the weekend, not sure if that has anything to do with it, I dont think it should but who knows. 

    I checked it this morning and there was a black screen, and I wasn't able to close GSA it was just like frozen, eventually this little pop up come on saying somthing about add-ons (this is from my VPS), I wasn't able to get out of that either, eventually the VPS support restarted it for me as nothing else was working
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Yea sure it's a GSA bug. :(
  • Can't be to do with UCenter. I have that enabled on all my projects, and don't have the issue. I did previously have the issue as well. Would connect to my server, and the screen was black for GSA SER, but all other programs were working. Haven't had this issue for about a week now though.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I posted about this before...Mine was solved by lowering my thread count.
  • Sven i cannot say exactly but i believe you added UCENTER in one of the recent updates. Only after that i started to see a black screen and was forced to kill the process. I was then running a project with ONLY ucenter enabled and it got stuck in black very fast. Later i had some projects where ucenter was enabled and after a day or two they went black and froze. I then disabled ucenter and till now this did not occour. Besides this new engine activated, i did not change much.

    My thinking was that its not a bug in SER but just some ucenter script gets stuck somewhere in the back and brings it down.. i will try to replicate this issue with logging and debug enabled to have something to present to you..
  • All looks good this morning, no black screen.  I did turn off ucenter just to be safe, I will report back if it happens again. 
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