Low Success Rate for Spanish Links

Hi Sven et all,

I've been using GSA SER for almost 4 years now and since 2 weeks ago the success rate has gone down. Any thougths? I'm using both GSA footprints and some other that I'm testing on like Google dorks and so. I scrape my lists with Scrapebox and filter them down in GSA Platform identifier. GSA  SER do recognize engines but it leaves just a few links.

i.e. I have a list with over 80k url's. (already filtered with Scrapebox and GSA platform identifier) so I'm ready to go. I have already cleaned up GSA (removing dups, removing submitted etc.), I have 110 private proxies and both Gather Proxy and GSA Proxy Scraper for public proxies and when I turn on GSA SER, it does recognize almost every single engine and.... nothing! LPM went from 84 to .01 (using the same exact lists that I was using a couple of weeks ago). Even with verified lists like the one's loopline sells, LPM is terrible.

Do you see my problem? Is anyone experimenting this? Is there some new algo in place that we don't know about? Any help will be appreciated.


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    Start with the obvious and drill down into more complex potential problems.

    1. Proxies - Try swapping in new ones, perhaps your proxies have hit a lot of blacklists and its time for a new batch.

    2. Emails - Same as with proxies

    3. Have you changed any project settings recently? Try a few test projects and see if any of those, with different settings work properly. It could be something as innocuous as a new filter.

    I once deleted my primary content/spin file, and had a similar problem as you - and could not figure out why until I realized I was trying to make empty posts.

    4. Enable debug mode in SER (Options -> Advanced -> Enable debug mode I believe).

    Pop open the debug panel and see whats showing up manually.
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