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The Google blogspot is my money site. 
Tier t -> Article,Wiki,Social Network,Web 2.0 (contextual)
Tier 2-> Directory,Forum,RSS,Social Bookmark

Placed unique article, Proper anchor variation, private proxy etc., everything perfect.

This campaign was running last 6 months. 
but until I'm not getting any SERP reflect in my webmaster position. Kindly advice me what is the issue?,
Link building pyramid does support google blogspot as a money site? Are nofollow attribute impact?
Please help me.


  • beastmodebeastmode NYC
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    Contextual for Tier 1

    search for dead links on Wikipedia in your niche "keyword" "Dead link"

    You replace the link with your URL

    Also use GSA for wikis for Tier 1 they have authority especially edu, gov wikis as well as Web 2.0

    Filter for low OBL blog comments for tier 2
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